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Telenor And ZONG So Special Than Any Other Cellular Company

Definitely when it comes to communication, it’s all about enjoying the maximum coverage and supreme connectivity with affordable packages.
Everybody loves to stay connected to friends and Get more details family, no matter wherever he is. Telenor Pakistan is the fastest growing network and bringing the exclusive coverage in the country. Defiantly the company has a right to be on the top with its unique and sophisticated services.

It’s proven that Telenor is facilitating a huge number of mobile phone users with its immense compatibility and connectivity in the most remote areas of Pakistan. From Salt Range of Punjab to the sandy beaches of Karachi, Telenor is available at every crossroad of the country.

International roaming
To serve its customers, Telenor is proud to claim by providing the best international roaming service. The company is always ambitious to narrow down the communication gap between the love ones. No matter where you go in the world, Telenor Pakistan will be your ultimate companion. Its international roaming facilitates its customers in more than 170 destinations.

In-flight cellular service
No matter what happen local cellular companies are unable to beat Telenor’s outstanding and exclusive services. Telenor is capable of in-flight cellular service on board, especially on Emirates Airline.

Like Telenor, ZONG is not capable enough to launch the most expensive and mega projects like easypaisa or better international roaming, but on the same time it is quite capable of providing unique service packages.

For those who really want to enjoy the most affordable call rates, ZONG Pakistan brings its customers ZONG 45 which is most economical and reliable pre-paid package in the niche market of mobile service.
Really, It’s quite fortune to have enjoy a call on just 45 paisa. It’s a promise from this outstanding mobile company to provide the best services and offers to it valued customers.

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