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Sales Rep Resume Writing

As a sales rep your most important skill, is of course, your ability to sell. To convince people that the product you are suggesting is the best thing they can acquire. So why is a resume that sells you any different?

Treat your resume as you would expect any other sales brochure to describe its product. Make the reader see the features and benefits of the product, make them want to view the product in person.

In other words make them want to call you in for an interview.

So how can you do this?

Actually it is easier than you may think. First of all you are obviously going to list all the typical things that are on a resume.

Name. Previous Employment. Education. Etc.

But what you can to really make your resume stand out as a sales rep resume is to add features and benefits.

Include things such as your outside hobbies and interests that are related to your career field. Sure, people may be impressed that you run marathons visit or snowboard. But what will really impress them is if you are a member of a club that is related to your product market or you take it upon yourself to immerse yourself in your chosen industry.

For example you may be a sales rep for an art gallery. Would it not be better to state that you spend some of your spare time visiting exhibits and galleries around your city? The benefits of this feature to your “product” is that you are passionate about the art world and take time to learn more outside of work.

Does that sound better than “I go snowboarding at the weekend after my shift at my previous job”?


You may should also mention any and all training you have received from vendors and brands.

Listing your degree or high school diploma is not a bad thing, but listing your training courses within your industry is far better.

The benefits of this are obvious. You have extensive knowledge that other applicants may not be able to match purely down to the opportunities their previous employer did or did not give them.


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